Salary Reimbursement

     Salary reimbursement is when a dental associate gets paid a fixed yearly amount. For a weekly payroll, the yearly salary is divided by 52 to determine the weekly gross salary. With a salary arrangement, the dental associate is almost always an employee of the dental practice and enjoys the same benefits that all other staff are provided. This usally means 5 or more paid holiday days, one or two weeks paid vacation, medical benefits and perhaps a retirement program. With a dental associate contract, the pay is guaranteed regardless of production or collection.

      In a salary arrangment, the senior dentist does not lose money by giving high income procedures to the dental associate. It is exactly the opposite of a commission reimbursement arrangement. The senior dentist wants the dental associate to be fully booked and there is no incentive for the senior dentist to do any work. This allows the dental associate to do numerous types of procedures which is usually a rewarding situation.

      With salary reimbursement, if something is wrong with a crown you did, you get paid a second time to do it right. Remember we practice dentistry, no one is perfect and many things do have to be done over until they're right, especially when you're a new dentist.

     Beware of combination situations. In some cases, a dental practice will offer a really nice salary for three months, supposedly for the dental associate to get accustomed to the dental practice. The dental associate then converts to a commission arrangement. Why would a dental practice structure a dental associate contract in this manner? If the dental practice takes reduced fee plans, the new commission arrangement may significantly reduce compensation.

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