Dental Practice Location

      Dental practice location should figure in to a dental associate's decisions. There are many factors to consider related to the the dental practice location.

     Is the dental practice location an area that you would like to live in? If not, how far is the commute to the practice? How long will the commute take? If you're single, what is the social life like in the area that you will be practicing? If you later get married and have kids, where will you move? Will this move effect your decision to remain with this dental practice?

     If you later choose to leave the dental practice entirely, how far away does your restrictive covenant require you to go? If you remain and choose a partnership buy in, are you comfortable with keeping the dental practice in this dental practice location? Do you want a larger practice space? If the senior dentist owns the dental practice building, will you be able to later buy the building?

     Are there any department of transportation, city, state or federal projects around the area of the dental practice location that might effect the property?

     If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to email Dr. Mark Padolsky at If you are interested in becoming a dental associate with the Atlanta Dental Group PC, let us know!! We are located at 1624 Piedmont Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30324.

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