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     Many older dentists who plan on retiring choose not to reinvest in their office and equipment to conserve money for retirement. This can drive a young dental associate crazy. It's important to personally visit any office that you are interested in associating with. Take a tour and ask questions. Look at the equipment. Would you be comfortable using this equipment?

     If there is any doubt, speak to the senior dentist. Ask questions. Is the dental practice interested in buying dental equipment and supplies to assist you in your practice of Dentistry? Shadow the senior dentist while he or she is caring for patients. Is this how you would like to work?

     If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to email Dr. Mark Padolsky at If you are interested in becoming a dental associate with the Atlanta Dental Group PC, let us know!! We are located at 1624 Piedmont Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30324.

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