Dental Associate Contract

      The dental associate contract is the legal agreement between the dental associate and the dental practice that the dental associate works for. It is almost always in written form and binds both parties to the mutual covenants defined in the written agreement. It should serve to protect both the dental associate and dental practice by defining the terms of their relationship.

      The dental associate contract should represent a fair balance between the dental practice's concerns and the dental associate's concerns. The primary dental associate concerns are:

to be fairly reimbused for the time worked as an associate dentist

to be given an opportunity to master a significant number of new dental procedures

to be allowed enough time to properly complete dental procedures

     The primary dental practice concerns are:

to be assured that the dental associate will not steal patients. This concern is usually addressed with a restrictive covenant written into the dental associate's contract. This concern also extends to patient records and patient information.

to know that every procedure performed by the dental associate meets the minimum standard of care

to know that the dental associate will be providing dental services to the practice's patients for an agreed upon time

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