Commission Reimbursement

     Commission reimbursement is when a dental associate gets paid based upon (1) production or (2) net collections from the production. There are significant difference between the two. Dental office collections are not always 100% so if you get paid based on collections, you net is reduced by this dental office's collection ability. If the office manager is a softy and lets patient's default, your pay will be reduced. The dental associate may also have to wait to be paid since it sometimes takes months or in some cases, even years to finalize patient payments. Additionally, if you leave the dental practice, it may be hard to later follow up on continuing collections efforts being made for you.

      100% of nothing is NOTHING! The percentage of the commission that you are being reimbursed is not as important as what you actually get in your paycheck, your net. If you are given high income procedures, like root canals or crown and bridge, commission isn't really that bad. However, if the practice owner is keeping all of the high income procedures and giving you the one surface composites all day, you will not really do well.

      Prophy checks (Periodic Examinations) also get touchy since this production is usually assigned to the dental hygienist and NOT the dental associate. A dental associate may have to continually interrupt his or her patient care to check prophys for which there is no commission reimbursement.

     Another issue with commission is the fact that most dental associates are slow and developing their speed, especially in the first year of practice. For example, an experienced dentist can cut a crown preparation in five minutes and easily complete the appointment in 45 minutes. It is not uncommon for a new dentist to take an hour and a half to two hours for the same procedure. A high percentage paid for a low production results in low income.

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