Capitation Plan

      The latin word capitus means head. To be decapitated means to have your head cut off. A dental capitation plan pays the dental practice a specified amount each month for each patient ( patient's head) on the capitation plan. This monthly payment is made regardless of whether the patient comes into the office or not. The dental practice does better when the patient does not come in since the dental practice gets paid regardless. In exchange for a guaranteed monthly payment, the dental practice agrees to charge the patient very low below cost fees for dental services. If a dental associate is working for a percentage, the dental associate does not get paid the capitation fee and is only given a percentage of the very small capitation fee.

      For example, if a porcelain fused to gold crown costs $ 1,100.00 in a full fee for service practice then a dental associate paid at 35% would receive $ 385.00 for performing this service. The same exact crown involving the same amout of work with a capitation plan could be paid at $ 295.00. At 35% the dental associate would only receive $ 103.25. That's a $ 281.75 difference for the same exact amount of work and the same dental procedure. It is very important for a dental associate to find out what types of plans a dental practice accepts before signing a dental associate contract. This can become even more devastating if the dental associate is responsible for the laboratory fee.

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